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During the course of the last year, we at the Food Chain Workers Alliance have been working to pass Good Food Purchasing Ordinances in several cities across the US. More recently, Solidarity Research Center (SRC) has been instrumental in guiding, developing and implementing research needed to move the ordinance in Chicago. SRC has not only provided hands-on research guidance to researchers on the ground in Chicago, but given their understanding of deeper political and structural injustices, they have also helped shape the overall strategy for the campaign.

We have been impressed with their professionalism, integrity, and of course dedication to the issues that we are confronting.

Jose Oliva

Co-Director, Food Chain Workers Alliance

Solidarity Research Center is aiding the CURB coalition in developing a data visualization tool for our partners to better understand the inner workings and threads within the local budgets. Specifically, we are working to understand how much funding is being generated to support law enforcement and develop strategies to re-direct funding to mental health treatment, family reunification programs, immigration support, youth development, job creation for people impacted by criminalization and poverty, and so much more. Through the collaborative work we are doing with Solidarity Research Center we hope to increase community participation in local budget efforts and strategically build for a better Los Angeles. 

Diana Zuniga

Interim Statewide Coordinator, Californians United for a Responsible Budget

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